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Social media is bigger than ever. It can help your blog grow and it makes it easier to share new information that doesn’t require a new post. I’ve put together a list of the popular social media sites today.

It’s important to be a part of social media and being mentioned in social media could potentially help search engines rank your blog or website in the future. If you want the absolute best coverage, you should sign up to most of these social media networks, as your company. I’ve signed up as ‘Rushtips’ or ‘Rushtipscom’ with most of these and the traffic, as well as the feedback that I’ve received makes it absolutely worth it. If you only want views, I’d suggest Reddit and StumbleUpon. If you want readers and contributes you’d want Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and G+.

What is the best way to share your posts to multiple social media sites? What I do is I click on my own share buttons, that way I don’t have to copy&paste on the actual social media site.┬áThere are a bunch of scripts that can automatically post your new content, however I think you should add something extra to make it less automatic, i.e 2 hashtags on twitter.


Facebook has been the most popular Social Media site for a few years now and it has close to 1 billion active users.


YouTube is the leader of online video, there are more than 100 million unique visitors per month. Every person watches close to 2 hours of video on YouTube every month.


Twitter is amongst the most popular social networking tools for marketing, along with Facebook and LinkedIn. 65% of the world’s most successful companies use Twitter.


15% of small business are using LinkedIn to promote their company.

Google Plus

Google Plus is the second most used social network for sharing multimedia from a smartphone. At least they have over 1 billion search queries per day on


Pinterest is the third most popular social network, after Facebook and Twitter. Visitors from Pinterest are 10% more likely to purchase something and to spend about 10% more than visitors from other social networks.


Reddit is a social news website where users, known as redditors, can submit content and vote on it. It’s one of my personal favorites and you should definitely check it out, but have an open mind when browsing through the posts..


DeviantART is the leader of social networks for artists and art enthusiasts, they receive over 65 million unique visitors per month.


StumbleUpon is a great tool for finding and sharing new and interesting stuff on the web. Remember not to share your own content, it may result in a ban or a limitation of your account.


Tumblr is a huge blog network, where people write about 70 million new posts every day. They let you share anything and they receive about 18 million pageviews per month.


With over 50 million users, Instagram is the leader of sharing photos from your smartphone.


Foursquare is a map based service, where you can share information about places you visit, with your friends.

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