Web Design Mistakes To Watch Out For

There are many mistakes people make when they design their own website. In fact, anyone who browses the internet knows this fact because some pages aren’t as attractive as others. So, what are some of the mistakes you’ll want to avoid? Some of these mistakes are common sense, but others are not so obvious.


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First, you must always remember navigation is vital. The top mistake most web designers make is providing poor navigation on their sites, which is unattractive to whoever is viewing your website. It’s just common sense if your site is too complicated the users will look elsewhere for their information. The general rule is to keep navigation simple; this way you won’t alienate any users that are likely to view your website. And, “user friendly” is a term you’re going to want in your vocabulary. Making your website easy to explore will be inviting to potential users.


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Next, you want to make sure the user always knows what page they’re on. Sometimes people could click on a link that goes to one of your pages, but not always your home page. And, if you don’t have any way of letting them know what page they’re on they might get confused. So, make sure on every one of your pages there is a link back to your home page, and make sure all of your pages clearly state what website it is. This way you’ll be seen as an actual website instead of a random page one of your users landed on.



Third, you have to always avoid excessively long pages. Its common sense there are some people out there who don’t have long attention spans, so obviously long scrolling pages is going to keep these people away from your website. In fact, most people won’t keep scrolling through the text unless it’s a subject they’re particularly interested in. But, what are some methods you can use to avoid this problem? You can split up the long text into a series of pages; for instance, you can divide the text into different sub categories.



Finally, never overload your page with ads. However, if you’re a blogger, posting advertisement on your website is a good way for you to earn a living. But, you want to make sure they aren’t overwhelming for the person looking over your website. Find the perfect balance between web content and advertisement and you’ll do fine. Web design is sometimes a tricky market to get into, but if you avoid these mistakes it won’t be as hard for you. And, when you have the perfect website, you’ll find web design to be a lot of fun.

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Jim Rush

Founder of Rushtips.com.