What is Microsoft Visio?

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Microsoft has had many practical programs and software applications in their history, Microsoft Office featuring many of these programs. This office productivity suite has been the favorite office program suite of many different companies and individuals for a long time now, and Microsoft Visio has been a part of the Office suite since 2000, when Microsoft acquired Visio.

MS Visio is basically a diagramming tool that can be used by companies and individuals alike, as it can help people do many different tasks. Creating both complex and very simple diagrams and schemes can easily be done with MS Visio, and with Microsoft Visio training available to you online, it couldn’t get better.


The Development of MS Visio from 1992 to Today

In 1992, the Shapeware Corporation published a software application that had pre-drawn shapes which were used to create customizable diagrams and schemes of many sorts. The product even got its name from these shapes that were pre-drawn and that were the core of the idea behind this software. Three years later, in 1995, the company changed the name and was named Visio Corporation, and in 2000 they were acquired by Microsoft. It got its place in the Microsoft Office applications, but it was also a product that was marketed separately from the Office suite. The first MS Visio to feature the Ribbon was MS Visio 2010, which was a huge improvement in terms of user friendliness.

What is Microsoft Visio Used For?

There are a lot of different things that Microsoft Visio can be used for, but here are some of the most common uses of this software application:

  • Creating great diagrams – There are very practical and intuitive tools in MS Visio that let you easily and quickly create effective diagrams. Diagrams are great for giving your data a new dimension and finding a visual way of conveying your message, otherwise often dull, in a surprisingly interesting manner.
  • Connecting data graphically – Again, MS Visio helps you connect different types of data graphically, and it also lets you create dynamic diagrams. Dynamic diagrams can be changed along the way, and different people can contribute to these dynamic diagrams. When you present data graphically, it is much easier to get people interested and get your message across.
  • Sharing diagrams – With MS Visio you can easily share your interactive and effective diagrams with anyone you want. This gives you a chance to use MS Visio in a way that lets you connect with many people and share your diagrams and data with a large audience.


The Biggest Misconception about MS Visio

One of the worst and biggest myths about MS Visio is the claim that Microsoft basically took Visio and ruined it over the years. This is the attitude and opinion of people who have no idea how much work and effort Microsoft invested into making MS Visio one of the best software applications for the tasks it does. Therefore, do not believe in these misconceptions, but rather try using MS Visio and see whether it is worth your time.

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