The Best Windows Phone 8 Apps

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Windows Phone 8 seems to be a booming sector in the recent times and capturing a main part of the Smartphone market. With this rise in the Windows Phone sector, there seems to be some exceptional and great apps touching the Windows app store.


Here is a list of some of the best-rated Windows 8 app.



SkyDrive – One of the best built-in application for Windows 8 and which lets you store your data in the cloud system. This helps you to access and share data from any devices. The features of the app include – uploading, sharing, and viewing files. Various document saved in the SkyDrive through MS office can be edited as well.


METROTube – This is the YouTube player for Windows Phone and it provides the user with playlists, double width tiles, and preload videos in HD, HQ or LD format to view in offline mode. The app also comes up with some exceptional features like chameleon tiles, quick access and filter, Social media share, customized search, and much more.


Phototastic – An app designed to create the best collages with various in built templates like Polaroid, photobooth, filmstrip or more. Some of the features of Phototastic include – adding text to image, image effects, and improvised User Interface. The app supports various social media, real and front camera support, User voice and Photo bucket support.

Star Chart

Star Chart – A perfect sky exploration app which provides a good amount of reference material. The app works based on your phone’s GPS location and can give information about the night sky. The app provides information about stars, constellations, satellites, and more. It also give capture various images of night sky.

My Stocks Portfolio

My Stocks Portfolio – As the name suggests is one of the best app dedicated to monitor stocks and their performance on the user’s portfolios. The user can access real-time markets, sync with financial data, multi-currency portfolio support, and real-time foreign exchange rates. The developers have promised to enhance their features in their upcoming version as well.


UrbanSpoon – A free app for the Windows phone users that provides the user with information about restaurants in your city. The app has a collection of about 800,000 restaurants, which can be searched by sorting the neighborhood or cuisine type. The user can view photographs as well as read reviews of the restaurants. You can also vote restaurants and share various culinary discoveries with your friends.

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